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If you’re thinking of selling your property, make sure you choose an agent that can advertise your property on MyHouseinChina; where sellers are 5x more likely to find a buyer for their property than on any other property website in China.

Agents that choose to advertise with MyHouseinChina are able to unlock these key benefits:

  • Your property in front of China’s biggest home-moving audience

    • More people use MyHouseinChina to find their next home than any other property site in China. Being in front of the biggest audience of home-movers gives you the very best chance of finding the right buyer for you.
  • Access to the China’s most serious home-hunters

    • Agents that advertise with MyHouseinChina receive more emails and phone calls from potential buyers than anywhere else they advertise. Enquiries are the key to viewings, offers, and a successful sale.
  • Your property online within minutes!

    • In the race to find a buyer, speed matters. A MyHouse agent can have your property live and searchable on the website within minutes of you approving your property advertisement.

Don’t forget: The only way to get your property listed for sale on MyHouseinChina, and in front of China’s biggest home-moving audience, is by instructing one of the thousands of estate agents that advertises with us.

Why instruct an agent at all?

Ask anyone who has sold a property in China before and they will tell you that selling a property is both complicated and time-consuming. By instructing an agent to sell your home you gain their knowledge of the local property market, as well as their expertise in selling property just like your own.

A good estate agent will be able to:

  • Recommend an asking price for your property based on their knowledge of local China market conditions.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the best marketing tactics required to ensure your property gets seen by the biggest audience of buyers, such as ensuring it’s featured in places such as!
  • Ensure your property gets the attention it deserves by knowing the best ways to present it online.
  • Provide you with personalised reports on your property’s ‘MyHouse’ performance and advice on how to increase its performance further.
  • Reduce the stress involved with selling your property by negotiating on your behalf and helping you through the tricky exchange and completion stages of the deal.

How to choose an estate agent

Ultimately, you should choose an estate agent that you feel comfortable dealing with and who you feel will look after your best interests as a seller. To help you make a decision, we would recommend asking prospective agents the following:

  • How and where your property will be advertised – now’s the time to make sure that your property will be advertised on MyHouseinChina!
  • How your property compares with similar properties already on the market in terms of price and presentation.
  • Ask to see examples of their success in selling properties like yours. You can then see how they have priced, promoted and presented other similar properties.
  • You’ll obviously be interested in the agent’s fees for selling your property, but also ask about the length of any exclusivity period (i.e. a period of time during which you cannot market your property with another estate agent) and ensure you are clear on how to serve notice should you wish to.
  • How often you can expect feedback from the agent while your property is on the market. A good agent should help you feel informed and in control throughout the process.

Talk to your agent about standing out on MyHouseinChina

Having chosen a MyHouse agent, ask your agent about making your property stand out from others on the market. A Premium Listing or Featured Property on MyHouseinChina are great ways of creating more interest from potential buyers.

For further guidance, check out our selling guides here.

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